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Who is your IT Consulting ?

How many times have you awoke in the middle of the night with the sweats asking yourself:

“Does my disaster recovery strategy really work? Are my mobile end points secure? Is there ice cream in the fridge?”

Relax, many companies ask these same questions. The good news is Energize IT has the answers! (Except the ice cream).

We are a Class A Managed IT Consulting company based in San Jose that specializes in providing IT Consulting and IT Service for small and medium businesses get the systems and products that will increase your security, improve your productivity, and enhance your connectivity.

Energize IT has the ability to analyze your entire technology hub and assess it for security risks as well as recommend any updates or applications. We’re also very nice people who care about you and your business. We don’t want to see you worry and hate to see anyone cry. We’ll take the reins so you’ll have less (tech-related) stress during and after business hours.


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