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Energize IT is a fast growing managed IT company that offers a variety of solutions and services that nearly every small business can use. We don’t just sell cloud storage or backup systems, we also provide top-quality customer service and support for all of our services.

Your business is our business – without you, we have a bunch of empty servers and IT professionals twiddling their thumbs. We don’t want that! That’s why we’re prepared to go the extra mile to make sure your systems are working and you are happy.

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Here is a short list of some of the solutions and services Energize IT offers. Click on the link to find out more information:

Network Design & Installation for Wireless/Wired – Let us connect you with a state-of-the-art network that’s always on and totally secure!

Storage System Design & Installation – NAS and SAN storage systems configured for your needs, with easy backups.

Data Encryption – Don’t let hackers or thieves read your emails or steal your secrets. Protect them with our seamless data encryption service.

Office 365 or Hosted Exchange – Let us steer you into a new Office 365 configuration or hosted exchange plan, protecting you from SPAM and saving you headaches.

Virtualization – It’s time to go virtual! Powerful new virtual servers increase speed, flexibility, and recovery and virtual desktops simply rock!

Disaster Recovery & Backup – Don’t wait another day to think about backups. We’d much rather configure a backup system than the inevitable disaster recovery, but we can help with that, too.

Cloud/Hosted Services – Let us get your software and documents in a nice, fluffy, secure cloud system! Includes Office 365 and Google for Business.

Mobile Device Management – Smartphones, laptops, and tablets, oh my! We’ll configure, manage, and maintain all your employees’ mobile devices.

Single Sign On/2 Factor Authentication – Make your life a little easier with single sign on to Active Directory and 2-factor authentication to keep it more secure.

Email SPAM Protection – Can the SPAM! We’ll keep your inbox safe and free of malware with our intelligent filters.

Desktop Support – Are you having trouble with your Mac or PCs? Not any more, when you talk to one of our friendly support staff who are trained to quickly resolve issues remotely.

Security Scan & IT Assessment – How safe is your network? Let us do a thorough analysis and make recommendations to upgrade your security.

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