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Cloud Services You can Always Depend On

Energize IT will help you boost productivity and lower overhead with our complete suite of cloud services. Don’t get left behind – cloud services have many benefits in today’s business world. Create documents, send emails, share files, collaborate from almost anywhere… but don’t get sand in your laptop!

SaaS Services Included!

Another great thing about the cloud is its SaaS (that’s geek-speak for “Software as a Service”). SaaS means you will never need to worry about buying or updating software – and won’t get busted for using pirated stuff.

We’ve got all the hottest software apps right at your fingertips, which come bundled with every cloud service package. This includes Office 365 and Google Business Apps like Docs and Forms. Save even more money by having terminals instead of computers running a virtual desktop!

Back That Data Up

Never lose another file or document and you will be able to sleep easy at night knowing all your data is always safe. Energize IT cloud services also include automated backup which can be retrieved or restored with just one click. Phew!

Hosted Exchange

You’ve got a business to run, and a lot of what you do likely requires reliable email access, preferably branded with your company name. Let Energize IT take the headaches and costs associated with mail server configurations and user management. We’ll host it with unlimited business email addresses and include web access and POP sync with computers and mobile devices. Our smart filter system will protect you from malware and make sure your inbox isn’t flooded with SPAM.

100% Reliable, Secure

Cloud services aren’t any good if they are down all the time or easily hacked. Energize IT uses the safest connection possible including SSL 2.0 and offer 2-Factor Authorization for the ultimate security. We also use enterprise level antivirus software and constantly monitor the network for any trouble. In the unlikely event anything goes wrong, our IT tech and support staff are here to help!

Talk. We’ll Listen

Energize IT knows that cloud services are not necessarily one size fits all. We strive to be the total solution for your IT needs so if you don’t see what you need here, just tell us. We won’t just nod our head and say “yes,” we will help you formulate a plan and give you a complete estimate of the cost. Contact us today!


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