Data Encryption Total Protection for Your Business

Data Encryption is Key to Security

Don’t let anyone look at your stuff that’s not supposed to see it! Energize IT has a host of data encryption services to protect all your communications and files on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Every single product we offer is at the highest standard of privacy and security possible and yet are so easy to use even you could do it!

Data Encryption Backups in the Cloud

Energize IT offers file-level encryption to our clients that works quickly and seamlessly in the background. Every time you save a file, it is automatically backed up and encrypted on the server. Whenever you open or close it, it encrypts and decrypts without any further prompting.

Data Encryption for Email

Sending and receiving email is an inherently insecure form of communication. (When Al Gore invented the internet, he didn’t foresee its potential for abuse.) Fortunately, Energize IT uses PGP encryption which allows you to send emails that only the person it is addressed to can unlock and read. Once again, this is very easy for both parties to use.

Data Encryption for Mobile

We’re all always on the go and so is our data. This is also a particular threat to your company’s security. Energize IT has data encryption solutions for both your phone and laptop as well as transmissions to and from it.

We Will Energize Your Small Business

Energize IT was founded on the belief that managed IT services should be affordable for all businesses. Don’t wait until your smartphone is stolen or your laptop is hacked. Talk to an Energize IT rep today and see how we can help prevent and protect from data breaches.

The bottom line is we care about you and your business and will do everything we can to ensure your protection.




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