Desktop Support (Mac & Windows) With a Smile!

Desktop Support… Without the Hassle

Desktop support is a critical but often overlooked element of every business. Don’t let your workstation or laptop give you a headache, let Energize IT take away the pain!

Desktops and laptops are your connection to the world. Sudden downtime or a software glitch can mean hours of lost productivity and possibly a drop in sales or income.

At Energize IT, we are acutely aware of this conundrum and offer comprehensive desktop support through our helpdesk as well as onsite technicians to keep you up and running at all times.

Help is On the Way!

We offer a broad range of affordable services to help your company install, integrate, troubleshoot, and manage desktop PCs and laptops. This includes those powered by Windows, OS X, or popular versions of Linux.

Energize IT can provide online or onsite assistance for single computers or laptops. We can also help you plan and implement a rollout of new equipment or software. The Energize IT team will minimize disruption while moving to a new site or merging multiple sites.

We’ll manage all your onsite IT support needs for end users, hardware, software, networks, and assets. Our technicians focus not only on problem solving but problem avoidance. We will attempt a remote resolution to problems as much as possible.

Benefits of our services

  • More reliable systems (desktops, PCs and laptops)
  • Scalable and flexible solutions
  • Improved data security
  • System-related issues and risks eliminated
  • Frees up your time

Not only will we fix all your computer problems, Energize IT’s desktop support staff will keep everything shiny and clean. Every time we come into your office to do periodic maintenance we’ll give your computer monitors and keyboards a dust-off and professional clean. No more smudges or crusty keyboards!

For further peace of mind, we offer asset management, so you won’t have to worry about the security or accessibility of your important files and programs. Energize IT will also make sure licenses and software are up to date as well as assist with your IT strategy as you grow.

With over a decade’s experience and hands-on knowledge of IT, desktop support, and asset management, Energize IT will help you keep all systems green.

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