Email Spam Protection

Email Spam Protection That Works

SPAM only belongs in two places: on your lunch plate or in a Monty Python sketch – NEVER in your inbox! Energize IT is proud to offer top notch email SPAM protection for all businesses, whether or not we provide your managed IT.

Finally, a Clean Inbox!

There are almost 100 billion SPAM emails sent every day. As a result, it can get tiring and frustrating trying to filter out all the junk. If just one shady email sneaks through and someone clicks on it, it can potentially compromise your entire network. (This is a scam called phishing, where thieves pose as banks, co-workers, or other trusted entities or institutions in order to get you to give up your password.) Let Energize IT be your hero before you become the victim!

Email Spam Protection for Your Servers

Energize IT zaps SPAM before it gets to your precious servers. Even if you are running Microsoft Exchange or Linux in-house or in the cloud, we can seamlessly re-route emails through our smart filtration system. We will scan all messages for SPAM, viruses, and malware and let only the squeaky clean ones pass through. (We quarantine ones that are “on the fence” for your perusal.)

No Software to Install

Energize IT’s SPAM termination filters work quickly, remotely, and in the background. As a result there’s never a need to worry about the latest updates or virus lists. It’s all taken care of automagically on our end. We will save you time and headaches so what you see every morning is a nice, clean inbox filled only with important messages.

Energize Your IT, Destroy SPAM

Energize IT has one goal in mind: the success of your business. Quite simply, if you are constantly fighting SPAM and losing track of legitimate communications, you can’t get work done. Phishing scams cost the average large company over $3 million a year and can completely bankrupt a smaller one like yours.

Regain control of your inbox by choosing to energize it… with Energize IT! Contact us today!

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