Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work the Easy Way

Google has launched an impressive suite of apps for work called, not surprisingly, Google Apps for Work. These include familiar products like gmail, drive, and calendar, but they are supercharged and streamlined for business use and remote collaboration.

Energize IT is happy to offer Google Apps for Work integrated with your account. Never leave your domain and use forms, sheets, and even hangouts. Your own email address can also be used with Google Apps for Work. Once you are connected, you will see your productivity (and happiness) increase exponentially.

Are you already an existing user of Outlook or Office? No problem! We can help you migrate to the new applications swiftly and painlessly.

Energize IT Makes it Easy

You may be thinking to yourself, why can’t I just purchase Google Apps for Work straight from Google? Well, of course you can. But you still have to configure everything and setup users and accounts, learn all the tips and tricks, etc. This is time taken away from running your actual business. We can also can provide SAML integration with Active Directory and Single Sign On, so that one click is all it takes to securely access all your stuff.

Energize IT to the Rescue

Energize IT wants to make all your business processes flow smoothly. In addition to the Google Apps for Work suite, we offer backup services, disaster recovery, and much more. Plus we are professional, friendly, and there for you in case of any emergency. Don’t let your IT short circuit, Energize IT!

If you would like more information about any of our services, feel free to contact us. We’d love to chat with you about your small business’ IT needs and show you the difference a quality managed IT company (us) can make. Don’t delay, get in touch with Energize IT today!

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