Security Scan and IT Assessment

Don’t Let the Bad Guys Win

How secure is your network from hackers and thieves? When was the last time you really assessed your system? If the answers are “Ummm…” or “I don’t know” for one or both, it’s time for a security scan, IT Assessment and thorough Energize IT checkup!

Security Scan Inside and Out

Energize IT takes the safety and security of your data and network very seriously. To help you understand your vulnerabilities, we will do both an internal and external scan of your entire system of computers and servers. This will highlight security issues that could be exploited by people who want to do you harm.

We will also do an inventory of your network and see which services you are lacking that could make security and productivity much easier. We’ll do a complete audit and put the whole thing together in one big fat report.

We call it the Energize IT Security Scan and IT Assessment (catchy, isn’t it!)

This fun-filled package is chock full of important information, including detailed solutions and recommendations. We’ll also do complete analysis of your current infrastructure topology and design as well present you with a brand spankin’ new topology and design alternative.

But that’s not all. Energize IT won’t just hand you this report and let you try and figure it out on your own; we will go over it with you in detail as well as answer any questions you may have. Finally, we’ll give you a clear-cut price on the cost of any new services we recommend and back it with our full guarantee.

Energize IT is Here for You

Energize IT is a new kind of hosting service for small to medium businesses. We are here to help you grow and make all your nasty IT problems magically go away. We’re also really nice and our parents are really proud of us. You’ll be happy you found us when you realize what a difference we can make in your company’s day-t0-day existence. Contact Energize IT today!



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