Mobile Device Management

The Smart Way to Manage Smartphones!

Mobile device management is a crucial part of doing business in today’s world, but also a huge headache. You’ve got to keep track of who has what device where as well as make sure they’re always secure. Instead of relying on guesswork (or prayer), let Energize IT take control of your company’s devices.

Don’t BYOD

Many businesses think that they can save money by having a BYOD (aka bring your own device) policy. Sure, in some ways it’s a heck of a lot easier, but it’s also an easier way to get hacked. Quite simply, having employees use their own personal devices that are allowed to connect to your network creates vulnerabilities. Anyone accidentally clicking on a SPAM or phishing link can possibly pose a threat to your data.

Plus, it’s more difficult to track device location or make sure they are all up-to-date with the latest OS. And any money you think you may be saving in service charges you will likely lose in reimbursement costs and employee productivity. It’s a no-brainer!

Energize Your Mobile Device Management

Don’t worry, Energize IT are mobile device management specialists. We keep track of all smartphones, tablets and laptops. We will also make sure they are all always up to date and load them up with at the best productivity apps. On top of everything, we’ll include encryption software so that all communication is completely safe even if it’s lost or stolen.

This means:

  • mobile device whole disk is encrypted
  • phones, tablets, etc. can be wiped remotely
  • all devices can be tracked and monitored in real time

Plus, we’ll integrate every account with Active Directory. (How cool is that?!)

You Need IT, We Energize IT

Keeping your mobile devices secure is only one of the many services we have at Energize IT. We are proud to be a managed IT company that will take care of email, servers, backups, disaster recovery, and more. You tell us what you need from your IT and we’ll deliver it. It’s that simple!

Energize IT takes the stress out of your tech and lets you focus on your business. Are you ready to make the switch? Contact Energize IT today!


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