Network Design and Installation for Wireless and Wired

Energize Your Network

Your network is the backbone of your organization, so don’t let it be vulnerable to hackers or unreliable to users! Energize IT is a specialist in both wireless and wired network design and installation. If your network is a jumbled mess or constantly going offline, let us re-imagine and re-connect it the right way.

Custom Design, Professional Installation

Energize IT will help you create a custom network design. We will send a specialist to visit your offices who will do a site survey and show you the best places to put access points. Then, we will install a rack, mount server, patch points and the whole shebang; we’ll also do all the cabling and leave it nice and neat. (Or, if you’d prefer, we can create a wireless network that can offer a greater range and more flexibility.)

Network Design that is Always ON

Once the network is up and running, forget about it! Energize IT will stand behind our network design and make sure it is always up and running. In case of any emergency, a technician will help you right away.

Top-Notch Network Security

In addition, we will make sure your network is protected from hackers and monitor it for any breaches. We’ll also throw in malware and virus protection. In short, you won’t have worry about your network ever again!

Energized IT is Our Name

Managed IT is our game! Actually, it’s not a game at all but something we take very seriously. If you too are serious about your business’ security and communication network, let us take the reins. We’ll give it the attention it deserves so you can focus on generating more business. In the end, you will be very happy and that will make us happy too! Are you ready to get Energized? Contact us today!


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