Storage Systems Design & Installation

A Place to Store Your Stuff

Storage systems used to be a pain in the hard disk: maintaining, optimizing, protecting from data breaches, providing access. yada yada yada.

Not any more! Energize IT can keep all your files, documents, and other digital stuff safe and accessible at all times. We offer storage system designs as well as installation for businesses large or small. We have experience with NetApp, EMC, Synology, and Dell storages so we’re sure to have the system you desire.

Security is Top Priority

A storage system ain’t worth diddly if it’s easily hacked or down all the time. Energize IT has the experience and the dedication to make your system run smoothly. We’ve worked with a wide variety of companies, including biotech and startups where secure storage is essential to survival.

Custom Design, Professional Service

Every company has different storage needs and Energize IT is here to help design the perfect system for you. Talk to us about your business and what your needs are in terms of access and size. We’ll come back with a detailed plan that will help you achieve this goal.

NAS and SAN Storage Systems

NAS and SAN are not the latest rap supergroup, but two popular types of storage systems we regularly recommend to our clients. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and is a way to give access to computers and workstations to a single server via a local ethernet network.

SAN stands for Storage Area Network and allows block-level access across multiple servers. This makes accessing data faster and easier to move. It’s also better for disaster recovery.

Of course, there are SAN-NAS hybrids and a whole host of other configurations out there. Energize IT will make sure you have the storage system that works best for you.

Energize IT

Energize IT wants to be your managed IT provider. We’ll take care of your storage systems and more. Just talk to a friendly representative today!

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