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VOIP is the New Way to Telephone

VOIP (aka Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the fancy way to say “internet telephone!” A VOIP system literally routes your phone calls over your internet connection instead of your land line. The difference in quality is imperceptible – the difference in price and types of service are monumental.

Energize IT can install and configure a VOIP system using your existing phone equipment or provide you with new equipment at a low cost. The quality is crystal clear, but that’s not all. Our VOIP for business service allows you to route incoming calls to different extensions, gives you unlimited voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, conferencing and much more. And it’s all included for a price dramatically lower than a traditional business phone service, guaranteed!

Internet Services, Too!

Speaking of the internet, we can also take care of getting you connected to it! Not just any old connection, but a blazing fiber optic or certified point-to-point connection. This means you can transfer large files quickly and there are no surcharges! How awesome is that?

Get out of the slow lane and into fast lane and take your business to the next level of connectivity and productivity. Free installation! We can add a secure wireless connection as well as create a secure network for your office. It’s all part of our Energize IT internet for business package!

Energize IT Takes Charge

Energize IT is a full service managed IT company that keeps top companies connected and secure. Stop being frustrated by the lack of support from other IT providers and flip the switch to Energize IT!

VOIP, internet, virtualization, storage, security, and more. You name it, we do it as long it is legal. Contact Energize IT today for a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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